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HERCO Transformers Limited -Pioneering Quality and Innovation in Transformer Technology since 1952

HERCO was started in mid-1952, trading in speakers used in public address systems. HERCO procured licenses and registration in the year 1958 committing itself to deliver quality products through innovation and a flair for technology. Growing and feeding into its customer requirements HERCO expanded through many product lines that included battery chargers, signaling equipments for India Railways, power packs and High Voltage Transformers. HERCO today is focused to deliver all type and flavours of transformers.

Our customers have been a great strength to the survival and growth of HERCO and we pledge the same sincerity and solidarity to our customers.

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Highlights of HERCO's Journey: Growing Global Presence and Innovation in Manufacturing

  • Late 1950
    HERCO starts sales and marketing operations of speakers
  • In the early 1960s,
    HERCO started manufacturing and selling loud speakers
  • In the late 1960s,
    HERCO completed vendor registration with Indian Railways to make transformers, power supplies, and battery chargers
  • Mid 1970s
    HERCO is one of the preferred vendors for color light signaling related transformers
  • In the 1980s,
    HERCO took product approval from RDSO
  • 1984
    HERCO starts a high voltage product line for Xerox copier and introduces high voltage products for the boiler and furnace industry
  • 1989
    HERCO introduces high voltage power supplies for air and oil filtration systems
  • 1992
    HERCO introduces electromagnets for automatic feeder systems
  • 1995
    HERCO starts making instrument transformer
  • 2008
    HERCO 2nd generation takes over the reigns of the company
  • 2009
    starts automation and takes complete production to Pune
  • 2010
    HERCO introduces 3 phase transformers
  • 2012
    HERCO starts manufacturing 10000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Pune and also international CE approved 3phase transformers for vacuum furnaces
  • 2013
    HERCO becomes closely held public limited company
  • 2014
    HERCO incorporates in Milpitas, CA USA and starts sales and marketing transformers internationally
  • 2017
    HERCO starts in-house Fabrication of tanks enclosures and panels
  • 2018
    HERCO made the first 1000KVA cast resin transformer
  • 2020
    HERCO exports 3000kva to Qatar and container shipments worldwide
  • 2021
    HERCO completes 3000KVA open delta furnace transformers
  • 2023
    HERCO expands operations in India and USA

HERCO: Advancing tomorrow through Innovation.

Innovation is the culture of today,

“HERCO” has grown over the years serving the nation's largest organization Indian Railways. Innovations and diversification led to expansion into a niche area of manufacturing of high voltage transformers suitable for various industrial applications like in boilers for ignition, electrostatic filtration and high voltage instrumentation.