Our Services

HERCO specializes in a wide variety of High Voltage and Low Voltage Transformers

designed to perform in various industries

Engineering Services

Engineering Services

HERCO has a dedicated engineering team looking after new product development and introduction. We offer engineering design services for most kind of Transformers, Reactors and Inductor for various industry applications. Our design service includes man power resource


HERCO offers outsourced manufacturing services with or without product design services on a cost plus model for small and large volume of transformers. We make setting up manufacturing COLO simple and easy for faster turnaround time for product delivery. Dedicated team with labour

About Us

HERCO has successfully completed 50 years of quality product deliverance to its customer. On the occasion of 50 year completion ceremony the founders family re-committed itself to bring changes to HERCO India and gear it up to be stronger world force ever expanding its horizons.

Testimonial 2:

Your transformer lasts longer than our equipment, we are replacing our equipments after 10 years but your transformer still works great”……Customer buying Power Transformer..

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