$ 149 (USD)

Country of Origin: Pune, India

Please send an email to sales@hercotransformers.com for special OEM pricing

These control transformers comply to EN 61558-2-1, -2-2, -2-4 and have multiple input selection 550-525-500-480-460-440-415-400-380-230-208V with standard 2X115V or 1X230V output with various VA capacity.

For additional information or your custom requirements please send an email to sales@hercotransformers.com

Typical Features:

1. Input Volatge Rating: 120V-240V-380V-415V-440V

2. Output Voltage: 12V-24V-120V-208V-230V

3. Frequency: 50/60Hz

4. Temperature Class: Class F -155 Deg C

5. VA Rating: 50VA – 100KVA

6. Superior isolation between the windings and core.

7. Finger safe connectors of choice


VA Rating