$ 129 (USD)

Country of Origin: Pune, India
Complies with EN/BIS/UL/CS/IS standards
Shipping Charges: Extra at actuals, please send an email with your shipping address to sales @hercotransformers.com

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These Electrostatic Transformers are DC power supplies designed to be used in Electrostatic Air and Oil Filtration systems. These units are designed for either +ve ground and -Ve going to cleaning grid or vice-versa.

These units are available in following ratings

Input: 110 -120V AC 60Hz and 220-240V AC, 50Hz

Output: Multiple configurations as per datasheet (6KV, 7.5KV, 0-5KV-10KV, 0-6KV-12KV, 10KV, 12KV)


1. Complete Epoxy moulded

2. Inbuilt isolated mounting

3. Isolation of upto 40KV for Output wrt ground

For Custom requirements please send an email to sales@hercotransformers.com

Voltage Rating