$ 149 (USD)

Country of Origin: Pune, India
Complies with EN/BIS/UL/CS/IS standards
Shipping Charges: Extra at actuals, please send an email with your shipping address to sales @hercotransformers.com

These Electrostatic Transformers are DC power supplies designed to be used in Electrostatic Air and Oil Filtration systems. These transformer and rectifier circuit is moulded together inside a box for good electromagnetic isolation.

These units are available in following ratings

Input: 110 -120V AC 60Hz and 220-240V AC, 50Hz

Output: 6KV DC, 10mA, 9KV DC, 10mA, 10KV DC 10mA, 10KV DC 20mA, 12KV DC 10mA, 12KV DC 20mA (Anyone configuration)


1. Complete Epoxy moulded inside a metal enclosure

2. Sample voltage measurement

3. Isolation of upto 40KV for output wrt ground

4. Negative floating for separate ground connection

For Custom requirements please send an email of your specifications to sales@hercotransformers.com

Voltage Rating