Power Converter

$ 70 (USD)

Shipping: Ex-Stock or 2-3 weeks from firm order date
Country of Origin: Pune, India
Manufacturer: HERCO
Condition: New

Power Converters are universal power supplies and can be used as 110 to 220 power converter or 220 to 110 power converter. These power converters are readily available as 1 phase power converters, for 3 phase power converter send an email to sales@hercotransformers.com . FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN USA

These are AC Power Converters and can be used with Indian, European, Chinese, Middle Eastern, African and Australian equipments. These power converters are true universal power converters. These power converters are protected against overload and excessve heating.


1. Convert 110V supply to 220V supply

2. Auto reset overheat protection internally

3. Short circuit protection externally using MCB

4. Two International sockets – fits many international plugs

5. Separate lighted On/Off switch

6. Fuse protection

7. Full rated capacity for continuous operation

8. Short term operation at 120% rated capacity

VA Rating