HERCO has successfully completed 50 years of quality product deliverance to its customer. On the occasion of 50 year completion ceremony the founders family re-committed itself to bring changes to HERCO and gear it up to be stronger world force ever expanding its horizons.

HERCO believes in excellence through innovation and quality engineering. HERCO is working with its customers continuously to deliver quality products through advancements in technology and materials. HERCO has been a successful team player in developing and delivering to customers requirements. We believe “Our success is hidden in the success of our Customer”. HERCO is licensed to work with Indian Railways, Research and Development Organization (RDSO) Indian Railways and many fortune 500 companies. Today our focus is manufacturing of “High Voltage Transformers and Current Transformers” for high precision and sensitive applications. Call us or write to us at sales@hercotransformers.com for more information.

Excellence through Innovation
Innovation is the culture of today, without innovating new products, new technologies a better tomorrow cannot be envisioned. HERCO living upto its 50 year old tradition and reputation has been developing better products through innovation and better process management. HERCO was incorporated in the year 1958 at Mumbai, India. “HERCO” has grown over the years serving the nation’s largest organization Indian Railways. Innovations and diversification led to expansion into a niche area of manufacturing of high voltage transformers suitable for various industrial applications like in boilers for ignition, electrostatic filtration and high voltage instrumentation.

Company History
HERCO was started in mid-1952, trading in speakers used in public address systems. HERCO procured licenses and registration in the year 1958 committing itself to deliver quality products through innovation and a flair for technology. Growing and feeding into its customer requirements HERCO expanded through many product lines that included battery chargers, signaling equipments for India Railways, power packs and High Voltage Transformers. HERCO today is focused to deliver all type and flavours of transformers.

Customer History
Our customers have been a great strength to the survival and growth of HERCO and we pledge the same sincerity and solidarity to our customers. HERCO is ever expanding the customer base, and has been serving most of our customers for last 30-40 years who seek only HERCO products for their equipments. Our products travel the world as a part of our customer success stories in India and abroad.

Engineering Services
HERCO has a dedicated engineering team looking after new product development and introduction. We offer engineering design services for most kind of Transformers, Reactors and Inductor for various industry applications. Our design service includes man power resource who will coordinate your requirements and provide complete design documentation which includes information about the winding turns, insulation material with drawings, assembly and manufacturing instructions. Additional we also offer sample production and pre-production with complete test instructions and GTP datasheet.

Manufacturing Services
HERCO offers outsourced manufacturing services with or without product design services on a cost plus model for small and large volume of transformers. We make setting up manufacturing COLO simple and easy for faster turnaround time for product delivery. Dedicated team with labour, test engineers and shared management resources makes production a hassle free experience. Typical set up time is about 2 weeks based on machine, man power requirements and you can be manufacturing your own transformer in a smooth and hassle free environments. We have capabilities and technical expertise to manufacture CE/UL/BIS/EN/CSA compliant products.