Country of Origin: Pune, India

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These current limiting reactors come for various current rating to protect drives and motors from overload. The rating of these reactors are from 0.5HP to 25HP, for extended support upto 500HP on special request. These reactors can be used for single or multiple motors simultaneously.

For additional information or your custom requirements please send an email to sales@hercotransformers.com

Typical ratings are,

1. Voltage Rating: 120V-240V single phase

208V-600V three phase

2. Frequency: 50/60Hz

3. Current Rating: 2.4A – 75A

4. Impedance: 1.5% – 5%

5. Typical Rate Drop: 2% at rated current

6. Temperature Class: 155 Deg C

7. Construction: Open type with special connectors on request

8. Cooling: Natural Air cool