Type-RF Dryer


Country of Origin: Pune, India

Please send an email to sales@hercotransformers.com for special OEM pricing

These RF Dryer Transformers are special dry type air cooled HIGH VOLTAGE transformers designed for RF based microwave heating for drying process in Yarns and Food industry. These transformers are designed to withstand heavy startup in-rush currents. Our standard ratings available are 85KVA, 145KVA, 180KVA and 220KVA.

For additional information or your custom requirements please send an email to sales@hercotransformers.com


  • Extreme low loss design
  • High voltage design of 8550V
  • HV insulation winding
  • Superior high exposure cooling
  • Special ducts for air flow
  • Transformer on wheels for ease of movement
  • Lugs for pick up and movement by cranes